Those who travel often

With over 100 years of experience creating travel luggage, Antler are well placed to tell the stories of ‘those who travel often’.
Content Creation
Product Photography

Project Overview

Native partnered with Antler to celebrate ‘those who travel often’, a campaign capturing avid travellers, highlighting individuals whose lives are enriched by adventures. Championing their stories and delving into the experiences that a life of travel inevitably provides.

The brief

‘Those who travel often’ spans multiple campaigns, diving behind the scenes to discover the people who embody travel. The brief; to capture intimate and unique stories of those who use Antler’s products, and built their lives around a life of travel.

Custom campaign workflow

From the beginning we understood this campaign would run on a monthly cycle, working with 3-5 stories per month to generate a constant stream of content. We built a custom talent network to ensure we had access to individuals or couples from a wide range of jobs, lifestyles and travel experiences.

Additional creative

Our goal is always to maximise content beyond the traditional project requirements.

Campaign reels

One of the main goals for this campaign was to inspire others and motivate a wave of UGC curated stories. With this in mind we created a similar look and feel to organic platform content, with a slight cinematic enhancement to align with the Antler brand.

The Outcome

Watching ‘those who travel often’ go live was motivating to watch. We looked on proudly as the systems we’d put in place to locate, manage and execute monthly content performed time after time. We saw a 141% increase on post engagement in comparison to non-collaborative posts. With audiences actively engaging with the stories of ‘those who travel often’.

Kat Crean


Native’s quality of the work and attention to detail is second to none. They always understand the vision we have in mind and find a way to elevate it further. Everyone wants to huddle round the computer screen and have a look when a brief comes back from Native. We look forward to all the future projects we’ll be working on with the team!