Forest Runner

In a growing effort to encourage the public to use and enjoy the UK's forests, Forestry England has held an active forest event each year known as Forest Runner.
Content Creation

Project Overview

The Forest Runner campaign, aimed to create an inclusive narrative by partnering with influencers who represented a spectrum of backgrounds and abilities. The influencers shared their personal running journeys, emphasising the universal joy and benefits of running with the backdrop of Forestry England's forest sites.

The brief

Develop a social-first, organic campaign to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, encouraging people of all backgrounds and abilities to participate in Forestry England's annual Forest Runner events.

Influener-led approach

By featuring influencers across various platforms, audiences were engaged through relatable and diverse running stories, encouraging them to sign up for Forest Runner events and connect with like-minded individuals.

Additional Creative

Creating assets alongside influencers on the day of production and running events built a library of UGC, paid and organic content that could be used throughout the campaign. Each influencer told their own stories and uniquely identified with their own target audience.

The Outcome

Through the Forest Runner campaign, we successfully facilitated a community-building initiative. The influencers became not just ambassadors for the event but also catalysts for a broader movement, promoting inclusivity and a shared love for running within the majestic forests of Forestry England. The campaign encouraged participants to share their own stories, creating a virtual community united by a passion for diverse experiences and the joy of running.

Sarah King

Forestry England

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