Champions Journey

Evie Richards, MTB World Champion has conquered the competitive scene and now inspires young people to explore the outdoors by sharing her experiences and stories.
Content Creation

Project Overview

Partnering with Forestry England once again we had the pleasure of catching up with the MTB World Champion, Evie Richards. Discussing everything from changes to the sport, her relationship with her father and what makes Evie happy.

The brief

Native were tasked to create an engaging and inspiring organic video campaign featuring Evie Richards, showcasing her journey to becoming MTB World champion and how her love of the outdoors (in particular, forests) keeps her ‘buckets full’ in Evie’s words. 

Our Strategy

The campaign captured a casual and authentic conversation between Evie Richards and her father, discussing her remarkable journey in the world of mountain biking. The narrative seamlessly weaved her love for the outdoors, particularly the forest, emphasising the positive impact it has had on her life and athletic career. We utilised a conversational, relatable, and motivational tone, aiming to inspire the audience, especially young individuals, to connect with nature and explore Forest England sites.

Supporting campaign reels

We developed a series of supporting social assets intended to perform as standalone pieces and drive traffic to the hero asset on Youtube.

The Outcome

The "Champion's Journey" video campaign successfully captures the essence of Evie Richards' inspiring story, showcasing her dedication to mountain biking and the role the forest plays in her life. The casual production approach with two moving cameras captured an honest and authentic conversation between Evie and her father. Subsequently generating a high-performing organic social campaign.

Sarah King

Forestry England

Native’s services have been consistently efficient and reliable. They are a joy to work with and have helped us achieve our creative visions and bring our ideas to life.