Antler Product Launch

Working with one of Britain's most successful luxury travel brands always requires a creative and innovative approach to content, luckily, this works perfectly for us!
Content Creation

Project Overview

Taking a break from outdoor campaigns with Antler we were challenged with a paid social campaign which spanned a number of social channels, covering a large product range.

The brief

Antler challenged us to develop content for a comprehensive evergreen paid social campaign, and of course, we agreed. The primary goal, to create versatile and engaging paid social media assets across various platforms, covering a dynamic flexible presence in 9:16, 1:1, and 16:9 formats. The campaign aimed to be evergreen, accommodating a diverse range of products and seasonal giveaways, providing Antler with a year-round online presence.

Custom campaign workflow

Always up for new challenges we paired a flexible shooting style with rigid focal lengths to create interchangeable match cuts across the entire product range. With this flexibility in the edit we could test variations to creative, find best performers, experiment with strong hooks and constantly generate fresh creative assets.

Supporting campaign reels

Paid social campaigns can be highly demanding in terms of asset placement, format variety and creative experimentation. We approached this as an exciting opportunity to elevate the base footage by generating unique hooks and sequences to unlock high-performing assets.

The Outcome

This campaign exemplifies the partnership between flexible and dynamic shooting styles mixed with creative experimentation in post-production to generate a high-performing paid social campaign. In a short time Native were able to produce a wide range of assets, populating all paid social channels.

Kat Crean


Native’s quality of the work and attention to detail is second to none. They always understand the vision we have in mind and find a way to elevate it further. Everyone wants to huddle round the computer screen and have a look when a brief comes back from Native. We look forward to all the future projects we’ll be working on with the team!